RSSToolBot Release History

NOTE: Builds are listed from latest to earliest.

Build 1.47
  • Task Bar Icon.
  • Added Ctrl-A (Select All) to Feeds Search Box.
  • Added Time to Logging.
  • Added additional option to "If RSS Feed Contains Both .Torrent AND Magnets" to for "Any Match". This fixes a bug where an .RSS may contain a .Magnet, but if it is set to .Torrent it will ignore it.
  • Added a secondary search box so that primary search results can be filtered even further.
Build 1.46
  • Added more support to stop table index corruption if RSSToolBot is forced closed (Like the asshattery that is Windows 10 Updates).
  • Added Season, Episode, To-Episode, Year, and FilterHash to the History screen. This will help to narrow down filters.
  • Re-wrote Episode Title Find to make sure strings were filtered correctly (ANSI vs OEM issues).
  • Added ability to back up and restore history file.
  • Fixed TaskBar Mode : Now it's just a toggle on or off, and if Explorer crashes, TaskBar Icon returns correctly.
  • Moved all help systems online.
Build 1.45
  • Corrected internal Website - it now points correctly to RSSTOOLBOT.com.
  • Corrected color on all DB Navigation Points.
  • Removed Load Local History for now - will rewrite in the future.
  • Fixed ToolBars above to make it easier to get to preferences, and run all feeds from any location.
  • Continuing to work on documentation.
Build 1.44
  • Website is now live.
  • Forums are now live.
  • History is now properly downloading Magnets.
  • History now always sorts by DL Date.
  • Added "Feeds" as a Menu Item and moved "Run All Feeds Now" to it.
  • Removed "Torrents" with "Download all Queued Torrents" as it was no longer needed.
  • Added a delay timer to Feeds and Queues for "Download All" - Set this in preferences. Some torrent sites will block you if you attempt to pull 20 torrents at the same. Some torrent apps will also not be able to handle 20+ magnets at the same time.
  • Added more trimming of multiple empty spaces to feed titles to make it easier for searching.
  • Exposed Expressions with the ability to add, edit or refresh expressions.
  • Completely rewrote HISTORY database. History now works exactly by Season, Episode, ToEpisode, Year, and Search Title.
  • Added a ToolBox button to Queue giving a bit more functionality.
  • Feeds are now cleaned up based on Site's default Age.
  • Help files all updated.
Build 1.43
  • * Internal Build Only.
* Build 1.42
  • * Alagorn has now been renamed "RSS Tool Bot".
Build 1.43
  • Completely rewrote routines for scanning for ENCLOSURE and cleanup tags.
  • Added %MONTH%, %YEAR%, %DAY% to Feed List. Add +1-5 (plus) or -1-5 (minus) to days. You can now add these to search every day for shows that use the YEAR DAY MONTH format (like 2016 02 01 and talk shows).
  • Added ability to press Delete/DEL in History to delete a single item.
  • Added scanning to Enclosure for HTTP, HTTPS and MAGNET.
  • Added an error message if the RSS feed downloaded does not contain any proper XML tags (Sometimes Torrent sites lead to ads or captchas).
  • Added an error message if the .Torrent downloaded is not a proper formatted Torrent File (ie: leads to some jackass site full of advertising).
  • Added an additional regExpressions for Talk Shows based on formats 2017X123 and 2017 06 01 and 06-01-2017.
  • Added "M" or "T" enclosure type to Queue, Feeds and History to distinguish between Torrents and Magnets. The .Torrents can be downloaded while Magnets can be sent directly to a Torrent Application.
  • Reformatted Perferences so that .Torrent files can be either downloaded OR sent to a Torrent Application outside of Magnets.
  • Added option to save either .Torrent or Magnet if both exist in the RSS feed.
  • Removed Web Scraping for now. Not sure I'll ever put this back in.
  • Filters - Clicking "New" now properly adds the TorrentFilterAdd Preference.
  • Changed Column Headers around in History to Enclosure, Date, Title.
Build 1.42
  • Alagorn has now been renamed "RSS Tool Bot".
  • New Build Release methodology is now (Major).(Minor).
Build thru 1.0.42
  • Changed Build # around to more reflect Major/Minor build.
  • Internal build only, coding and testing.
  • Internal Build Only.
  • Internal Release Only.
  • Internal Release Only.
  • Added a new function to strip the ENCLOSURE tag on RSS feeds for bad formatting.
  • Added a new function to strip the ENCLOSURE tag on RSS feeds for bad formatting.
  • Disabled Page scraping for KICKASS since the website is gone.
  • Added Torrent Website Scraping - RSSToolBot now has the ability to manually scrape torrent websites for search terms and aggregate the torrents. Kickass was first and works perfectly.
  • Added extra error handling to .RSS feeds for websites that use the "Guid" as the Torrent Enclosure. The Enclosure Tag should contain the .Torrent link but many websites decide to use the Guid, which goes against the specification.
  • Added validation on the GUID/ENCLOSURE tag to make sure it contains a valid HTTP or HTTPS link, if not it logs the error.
  • Added extra logging to the .RSS line item for better debugging.
  • Minor changes to match the new showRSS upgrade.
  • Internal release only.
  • Internal release only.
  • Bug Fix: Download failures were not being properly logged.
  • Added new Menu Item link for "Run All Feeds Now" and "Download All Queued Torrents Now".
  • Added far better sorting capabilities for title, date, category and feed - it is now much easier to find what you are looking for when you have over 8k RSS Title Links.
  • Continued work on Expression Set Editor.
  • More logging and HTTPS support.
  • Logging extended: Logging has been extended to a new logging screen that shows what is going on under the hood during operations and is limited to 10k lines. This is a work in progress and more will be added, cleaned up as time goes on.
  • Added StopOnRSSGetFailure as a Setting. If there are any errors in attempting to pull an RSS HTTP/HTTPS request, if set to TRUE, it will abort any further attempts. Prior on some sites like Kickass - if the site was down, the request could take 10 minutes before timing out.
  • Added Extensive error trapping on all HTTP and HTTPS requests.
  • Bug Fix: Filters right-click delete is now working.
  • Added a Re-Process RSS Feeds settings parameter. If checked, RSSToolBot will re-process Filters against .RSS torrent feeds even if they already exist in the .Torrent Feed List. This makes it easier to pull a feed, create a filter and then re-run the feed for matching.
  • Removed "Location of Local Files" from Filters. This location field was a misnomer. It was only used to find local media and add it to your history file.
  • Increased the size of the Settings Preference form.
  • Adjusted Filters page text/edits for better formatting.
  • Added documentation via Menu > Help > Help Documentation. Because it's still a work in progress it'll pull it down from RSSToolBot.com.
  • Added Torrent Settings for Filter Matching - Automatically download to Queue or Immediately Download.
  • Rearranged the Settings area making it easier to read and use.
  • Fixed an issue where comments inside of Site Feeds were not being ignored both # and //
  • Fixed a wonky issue where sites were being run more than once? No idea what was going on there.
  • BUG FIX: Settings Parameters increased in size to 255 characters, they were truncating at 40.
  • Added a Setting to start RSSToolBot in TaskBar/Minimized mode.
  • BUG FIX: The INIReadString is stripping quotes off the Torrent Application Parameters. Fixed.
  • Added a %SD for "Save Directory" to the Settings .Torrent Parameters. This is used in conjuction with Filters - a "Save Directory" was added there as well. This will allow you to pass the Enclosure as well as the Save Directory to a Torrent Application.
  • First attempt at timeout issues: I use URLDownloadToFile() to bring files down either .RSS or .Torrent files. I'm not wrapping the functionality in any kind of timeout wrappers, just checking to see if there is an error. I have it set now so that if the result at any time <> S_OK then it abandons all hope and terminates the thread. Issue is that if you use feeds with MULTI sites within a single feed, it'll abort if the top one doesn't work. The top URL you have may be diff than the next one down the line. Not an elegant solution at this point. This is a work in progress.
  • Changed Torrent search box.
  • Torrent History now has a View and Browse button for downloaded Torrents.
  • Fixed buttons on Manual Torrent RSS Feed Form.
  • Added a "Download All" for the Queue.
  • Added more logging to help track any issues.
  • RSSToolBot is no longer ALPHA nor BETA. It has been in use for six months now working well.
  • Added a # and / to Feeds as a comment (to help break up multiple areas). You can use either # or /
  • Added Secondary and Tertiary indexes to History to help speed up searching.
  • Added hint to Site Feeds.
  • Part 1 of 2 for Starting Year, Season and Episode complete.
  • BUG FIX: Manual Feeds were accidentally disabled.
  • Optimization of memory and nailed down a memory leak.
  • History Download Now is now downloading now.
  • Fixed an invalid pointer error when getting RSS feeds.
  • Removed duplicate VIEW button from Torrents.
  • Rearranged buttons on forms and some sizes.
  • Added option to filter out duplicate Torrents (AND / OR verses on Torrent Feeds).
  • Added various hints to buttons.
  • Added a "Load File" button to the Manual RSS screen to load local .RSS files.
  • Torrent Feeds is now updated whenever running a Manual RSS.
  • Changed some download wording.
  • Changed the wording on how RSS Torrents are imported.
  • Torrents now found on RSS Feeds are no longer validated against history if they already exist in the Feeds List.
  • Added Ctrl-A (Select All) to all editors.
  • Sites feed runs are now ordered by SITE NAME.
  • Download to Queue or Download Immediately are now fully working.
  • Added a Status field to Queue.
  • Torrents marked for "Download Immediately" are now tested - if the process fails in any way the Torrent is placed in the Queue with a DL Error Status. This way you won't miss failed downloads and can try them again later.
  • Torrents downloaded from Queue that fail are now placed back into the Queue with a DL Error Status.
  • History is now sortable by clicking the column headers.
  • Categories no longer throw an error "DUPLICATE EXISTS" when editing an existing category.
  • Fixed an access violation with "Download Now" from Feeds.
  • Removed double menu separator on view form.
  • Added Right-Click - Select All to Queue Pop Menu.
  • Bug Fix: Categories now save correctly by ID and duplicate names are tested properly.
  • Filters Location Of Local Files now defaults correctly.
  • Added "guid" as a possible parameter for finding the torrent enclosure. Specification says "use " but some sites like RarBG use as their torrent link. Doesn't matter anyway, RarBG forces you to their site to download.
  • When clicking Torrent Feed columns to sort it now does a First() to take you to the top.
  • Renamed right-click Torrent Feed "Download To Queue" to "Add To Queue".
  • Added more status messages for queue and torrent downloading.
  • Added a Toolbox to History allowing the ability to delete all history. It's not recommended but you can.
  • Changed event handlers on downloading multiple torrents from feeds. Was getting a BDE $ error and trying to track it down.
  • Torrent Titles are now stripped of CHARS < 32 or > 122, as well as / \ : ? " | # % and +. This is to keep the feed clean.
  • Added a Toolbox to Feeds allowing deleting all torrents, inactivating/activating (hiding) them.
  • Added color to some of the categories, filters and series types to make them stand out - as they are the most important fields.
  • Added radio box for download in filter types to make it easier to read and use.
  • Added the ability to manually download single or multiple RSS feeds against sites.
  • Use History filter now being applied.
  • View Torrent from Feed List now complete.
  • BUG FIX: Links were accidentally detatched from the Queue, Feeds and History.
  • Moved the "Download Now" or "Download To Queue" from Sites to Filters where it belongs.
  • Spelling errors on Filters.
  • Modified StatusBars to Panels to compact individual areas. This was to get rid of stacked Status Bars.
  • Created a Title Filter Clean for saving .Torrent Files.
  • Fixed preferences to work correctly.
  • Updated icons.
  • Added ability to add Torrent(s) to the Queue for downloading later.
  • Disabled Site Feeds now still show in Torrents.
  • Finally figured out why multi-queue downloading does not clear the damned queue list.
  • Fixed the Queue download not creating a proper .Torrent file.
  • Added Right-Click Delete and Menu Item Delete to History.
  • Added Multi-Select to History.
  • Torrent Titles are now stripped of ASCII chars < 32 and > 126.
  • Removed 2nd, 3rd and 4th indexes from HISTORY, FEED and QUEUE
  • Changed BLOB fields to VARCHAR fields for ENCLOSURE
  • Stripped unused bloat fields from HISTORY, FEED and QUEUE
  • Searching for local files now only uses the FIRST line in the filter mix. Otherwise you can't find files if you are filtering for +720p.
  • Modified the "Save Torrent to File" to actually bring the torrent from the site down and store it. This works fantastic. Props to Cancerman for this.
  • History now shows proper count.
  • Temporarily removed the popup info screen until I can get it working better.
  • Made it so Filters and Sites are now editable without having to click the "Edit" button. You just point, click, edit, save.
  • More tweaking of the filtration system.
  • Disabling a feed site no longer removes feeds from SiteCombos.
  • Categories New/Edit/Delete are now fully functional. The Internet is for porn. Create categories to your hearts content.
  • Downloading multiple items from the Queue no longer throws an access violation. AGAIN.
  • Added SHIFT to the grids for multi-select. Will work on a better system later for multi-shift-click selecting.
  • Added a new popup screen for displaying information when running against sites. All can be easily disabled.
  • Lots more under the hood tweaks.
  • Cleaned up the history form, built in the search and sub menus.
  • Fixed a few more bugs in the Find Local Files in the Filters section.
  • Added more indexes to Feeds and History to speed up processing.
  • Shit tons of miscellaneous stuff under the hood tweaking as I go forward.
  • History while not yet functional is now sorted by title.
  • The Queue list now updates whenever items are added to it.
  • The Filter system was breaking out of a loop when it should not have been
  • The RSS xmlDocument was incorrectly parsing out +1 too many chars causing half of all incoming RSS to be rejected.
  • BUG FIX: Fixed a dumbass SQL statement in the filters system that was not pulling in any filters set to ALL SITES.
  • BUG FIX: Patched a BDE issue where RSSToolBot would report insufficient disk space.
  • BUG FIX: When downloading multiple items from the queue an access violation no longer occurs. Queued items now also delete properly.
  • Finished Filters 1.0. Shits gonna munge, but it's working.
  • Added a secondary index to Feeds for Title. This will increase searching speed.
  • Added Queue Table for all downloads to be queued into. Set up Queue forms for populating download times.
  • Changed the RSS Torrents Sites dropdown list to a ListBox. Much better.
  • Added preference to stop RSSToolBot asking if you want to close it.
  • Displayed more info on the Expressions form - eventually this will be all editable.
  • Added a full logging system. Only use if you are having major issues.
  • Added "announce:" to torrent files and changed torrent files to be the title + .torrent. Will need to work more on this later.
  • So many things under the hood... Way too many to even list.
  • Bug Fix: If Preferences Torrents Save To File selected, RSSToolBot no longer checks if a Torrent application params are present. Validation put into place to validate save directory.
  • Added Tools~History to view all downloaded history. Eventually this will be built out to be useful.
  • Moved Categories and Expression Filters to docked panels. These will eventually be useful. For now they're just visible.
  • Moved Preferences to Files~Preferences from Tools.
  • More under the hood work on Filters.
  • Added ability to save torrents enclosure to a folder as well as to a torrent application.
  • Changed the Feed RSS Torrent URL to be multi-line so you can aggregate multiple sites under a single item. Hell yes.
  • Changed color of grids just a bit to show a gradient between grids and panels.
  • BUG FIX: Feed event was accidentally disconnected so sites would not automatically download.
  • Changed installer from Wise Installer to Nullsoft. Much better.
  • Torrent Feeds Download Now button had no disabled image if no feeds existed.
  • First release to public.
  • Filters are still a work in process and are internally disabled.
  • NOTE: Delete the tables "history.*" BEFORE running this. Table will automatically be re-created with proper fields.
  • Added a DB Navigation Tool to the Torrent Feeds. Can be toggled on and off through General Options.
  • Removed right-click pop menu alpha test buttons from Timers. Will add more to this in time.
  • Added KeepDay preference to Torrent Preference on creating new Feed Sites.
  • Added status bar and update in timers.
  • Increased size of feed grid
  • Added right-click edit of feed site from timers.
  • Lots of miscellaneous under the hood bug fixes as well as refactoring.
Build thru - First release, internal use only.
  • Not released to public.

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